How to Send Flowers in Dubai

Wondering if you can have your flowers sent to a friend in Dubai? Have you been looking for ways to send flowers to someone in Dubai and can’t seem to find out how to go about it?

You are in luck! Turns out that there are certain shops that can handle your flower delivery services and send flowers in Dubai for your loved ones, friends, or for any event or special occasion. That means, you don’t have to worry about buying the flowers or bouquet in person. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you can be on your way to sending flowers without any hassle!

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Choose your flower bouquet

To start, you can go to the website of the flower shop you wish to buy flowers from and then start checking out their products page. Usually this is where the shop will put on display and update their available flowers and the types of arrangements you can have. What’s convenient is that they also put the prices of the different flower bouquets and if there are discounts you can avail at the moment.

When looking at the products, you can also see the details which tell you the different flowers they have used for that arrangement. This is especially useful if you are trying to buy a pre-arranged bouquet that has a mix of different flowers to make your gift or order more interesting.


Fill in your delivery details

Most flower shops would have their online form for people who wish to avail of their online ordering and flower delivery system. When filling out this form, you would need to type in the name of the specific flower arrangement you want to order. Then you would also have the option to set the number or quantity of your order.

Some shops also have spaces where you can type special requests for your orders such as additional ribbons, additional flowers and the like. When you have finished filling out the specifics about the bouquet, you will then be led to the part where you have to fill out your personal details. These include your name, address, and contact numbers plus email. After that, most shops ask information about the receiver of the flowers. They do this in cases where the person buying the flowers wants to send to other people with a different address. Simply fill out the complete address of the place where you want the flowers to be delivered and the name of the recipient so that the flower delivery guy can look for them once he arrives at the location.



Finally, before you complete your order, the shop will ask for your payment details. This is usually via credit card or other online payment systems like Paypal.